“Adriano work ethic is indescribable. In my personal opinion neither the Men’s or Women’s team would be where we are if it wasn’t for Adriano’s S&C development for the players. Adriano has been in contact with me on a daily and weekly basis on the players progression and he does an amazing job of keeping me informed of which players have been making changes which allows me to have a better understanding of rotations and being able to play certain players in different situations all based off of Adriano’s data.


He does a great job communicating with the players organizing S&C sessions and making sure players know and understand the importance of S&C. We have also had a few injuries early this season which Adriano has been able to step in right away whether it be a training or game, players trust to see Adriano and allow him to take necessary procedures according to the injury. Adriano treats and respects both teams equally and does an amazing job warming the teams up before matches and gaining their focus. The basketball department and Bath University should be lucky and thrilled to have such a dedicated hard working S&C Coach.”


Antonio Wilburn

Head Coach (Men's 1's)

University of Bath Basketball Club

"I have been training with Adriano for over 6 months as I prepare for my World Championship and Olympic Qualification events in 2019. In the lead up to November 2018, Adriano was able to prepare me for 3 International G Ranks events- The Croatian Open, The French Open and the Israel Open. I was the only Australian athlete to medal at all three events: silver, bronze and silver respectively. These results also qualified me to increase my funding in 2019 and become the only female in a group of 4 athletes to achieve the top Podium Potential Categorisation. It has been a pleasure to work with Adriano. He is an elite level coach who not only demonstrates a deep level of knowledge and intelligence in strength and conditioning, his programming is backed by a personal passion for diligent research and sports specific drills. It is paramount for an athlete to feel safe and trust in their program. The high standards of thought, effort and execution put into my program by Adriano, and his gentle funny nature as he trained me - gave me the mental confidence I needed to commit 100%. In turn I gained the positive physical and mental adaptations I needed to increase my performance as an elite athlete. Adriano is mature, personable, humble and understands the value of collaboration and teamwork. I wish him all the best"


Carmen Marton

3-time Olympian and World Champion

Taekwondo Athlete

Taekwondo Australia

"After playing AFL professionally for 7 years I've had the privilege with working with the top strength and conditioning coaches in the elite sporting industry. It has been a pleasure working with Adriano over the past few months. His energy and attitude to improve has been infectious and has spread throughout our playing group. He has great attention to detail when it comes to coaching and observing technical aspects. Adriano also has shown innovation by adapting exercises and philosophies across sporting codes, which has meant something as mundane as a warm up is not monotonous for our athletes. It will be sad to see him leave us when the time comes, however he'll definitely be an asset to the next team he works with. Adriano has a bright future ahead of him in the industry of elite sport."

Lewis Stevenson

Former AFL Professional and current NEAFL Aussie Rules Football Player

AFL Athlete


"Adriano assisted me with my rehab from coming back from a dislocated and fractured knee on which I had to have surgery on. He was thoroughly dedicated and committed to making my knee recover as quickly as possible and he was an absolute pleasure to work with."



Ally Wilson

WNBL Professional Basketball Player and Australian Opal

Basketball Athlete

Sydney Uni Flames | Basketball Australia

"Adriano has been very influential in helping me achieve my physical goals. He is a great support source and is very passionate about what he does, which is encouraging. Working with him has improved my overall capabilities in the gym, which has lead to improvement seen in on field performance as well."

Nathan Coxall

NEAFL Aussie Rules Football Player

AFL Athlete


"Extremely grateful to chance upon a trainer who makes My Goals, His Goals. Adriano has definitely played a part in being key to help me unlock and unleash the potential I hadn't quite realised."

Cheryl Chan

3000m Steeplechase National Record Holder

International Steeplechase Athlete

Team Singapore | Sydney Uni Athletics