Strength Coach Journal

Recommended Readings Tab

The purpose of the RR Tab is to direct visitors to key readings across different areas of the sports performance and sports medicine realm. Given that the material to which the visitor is directed to is not Strength Coach Journal property, the RR Tab serves only as a reading list and the content is not provided per se.


Instead, you will have to search for it and access it via your own means.

Readings in the RR Tab are divided into topic categories. These include: Philosophy, Training Load Monitoring, Sports Nutrition, Recovery, Sport Psychology, Sports Injuries & Injury Prevention, Energy System Training, Strength & Power Training and Speed Training. 

How it works?

1. The individual topic categories are divided into folders at the bottom of this page. Select a topic categories of your interest, and you will be directed to a list of recommended readings which are presented as a screen shot of the title and authors of the material. 

2. Scroll through the recommended readings and select a reading of your interest.

3. By clicking on the title screen shots, you will be directed to a Google Scholar search of the specific reading you were interested in, and from then on (as I said) it will be you who will have to find access to the content.